The Top NFL Rookies Of 20 17

When I am not out traveling into destinations that are new, I really like maintaining with football, especially because every NFL season has its very own set of surprises. Almost always there is something that I really don't expect. This past Year, Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott stole the series for the Dallas Cowboys. This year, Zeke is working with some suspension drama. Moreover, there are fresh NFL rookies who've burst onto the scene to steal the show to get themselves and the teams that they play for.

Last year's college football season ended with Deshaun Watson leading the Clemson Tigers over Alabama. Alabama is this a powerhouse in the school football world that it feels like the whole world observes once they actually lose. {Watson made that happen. Now he is on the Houston Texans, and is now probably one of the most exciting rookies to watch in 20 17. There certainly are a few additional NFL rookies who will also be making a huge splash in their first season.

Deshaun Watson

Just because he is at QB, Watson has been certainly one of the greatest surprises of this beginner course. It isn't because no one expected him to succeed, however as it's so much tougher to transition at the QB position than as a RB. Watson didn't start his very first week, but has been moved in whenever the newcomer Tom Savage proved excruciating. Watson was scoring touchdown after touchdown and hasn't looked back since taking the starting role. {He could very well lead his team to a division title this past year.

Kareem Hunt

Hunt was that the only which no one saw coming. He was drafted in the third round at 86th entire at the 20 17 draft. Actually, he had been the first time running back again to be selected. Looking back, the only one that really is practical is Fournette, that looks like a generational player. Hunt has outperformed all the other NFL rookies, and even Fournette for the most part.

Leonard Fournette

Taken at number 4 overall, Fournette doing this well isn't exactly a surprise. However, he is living up to his expectations, which were quite significant. The 1 question mark surrounding the running back out of LSU was the way his foot injury that ailed him in faculty was about to keep up at the NFL. So far he seems to be doing alright, as he's had touchdowns of 75 yards or more this season.

Evan Engram

They say it's extremely hard for tight ends to transition to the pro's. Engram is more of a hybrid than a true TE, but he's still technically listed as being a TE on the depth chart. The Ole Miss product works round a 4.4 40-yard dashboard. There are lots of different metrics to look at when scoring a participant than just the 40, but being that fast at 6'3" is going to create mismatches against any defense.

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